Getting The Check

When it comes time to receive workmen comp there are several steps that will need to be complete before you can get your pay check.So today we are going to look at some of the steps that need to be taken to the boss so he knows what is going on.The first step will be to understand what is going to be covered by the comp.Most of the times the full package will be for a time till you are back on your feet.This includes from cash to hospital bill along with dental with that said the boss has to agree because if he does not he will be hogged tied by the feds.

How long it takes and what is covered is depending on the injury.If you are mule kicked by an on site accident your going to get the golden ticket if our only wounded certain things may be taken off the table.The time it takes depends on how fast you get the paper work to your boss?If you are fast the money will roll in but if you take your time or cant get the work done fast then expect a delay with the benefits friends.

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